Central bus station

Kiev city, central bus station and cash desk:

Address: Avenue of Science 1 (also Moscow square 3), Kyiv city, Phone: (044) 525-5774, (044) 527-9986.


Bus terminal offices open all around the clock. Information desk and waiting room are located in the same building. Sent routs can be specified on avtovokzal.ltd.ua.

Bus terminal offices open all around the clock. Information desk and waiting room are located in the same building.

You can get from the city centre to the bus terminal by Underground. There is an M.Demiivska arrival station, which is in five stops from the city centre.

Central bus terminal is situated near the large transport hub. There are direct routes to Odessa and other large cities of Ukraine.

Project: Future bus station, a waiting hall for passengers

Bus station is a complex of buildings and utility lines, which is used as transport passenger infrastructure of the city. Bus passenger station is a station complex, provided passenger and carrier services. It gives an opportunity to transport more than 1000 people a day, using scheduled intercity and international buses and coaches.

Bus station complex of premium quality consists of the main building, platforms, parking place and some other constructions in the case of having other separated services, such as canteen, storage room, toilets and others.

There is a waiting room, ticket offices, information desk, timetable, canteen, shops, staff area, transportation desk, administrative offices, rest rooms for staff and drivers, baby care room and others in the main building.

You can easily get to Kiev bus station by public transport, such as Underground, trolley, bus and car.

Kiev has seven bus station complexes, such the central bus terminal in the Moscow Square and other bus stations, which are mainly used for intercity transportation.


Classification of Kiev bus stations, in accord to traffic performance:

The first bus station category provides traffic of more than 150 buses a day or 20000 – 50000 passengers.

The second bus station category serves till 150 buses or till 20000 passengers a day.

3rd category Bus station 120 buses, or up to 10,000 passengers per day.

4th category Bus station for 30-70 Buses or up to 7000 passengers per day.

5th category - stopping point which can not have structures in their area.


The bus station of the first category is classified as Central bus terminal, having building with two or more floors and also medical aid station, twenty-four hours ticket offices, duty policeman room, rest room for drivers and passengers, café, the complex of auxiliary and storage rooms, luggage office, timetable desk and others.

The bus stations of the second category contain ticket offices, waiting room, transportation desk, rest room for drivers, staff room, luggage office, check-room, information desk, baby care room and canteen. 

The bus stations of the third category have several ticket offices, waiting room, transportation desk, rest room for drivers, staff room, luggage room and others.

The bus stations of the fourth category have a ticket office, waiting room and timetable panel.

The bus stations of the fifth category include a ticket office and timetable.

The bus stops can have only ticket offices without waiting rooms.


International coaches to Europe from bus station

Reference information and coach timetable to Europe.

The Ukrainians usually purchase international coach tickets to Poland, Moldova, Belorussia, Russia, in order to get to Europe.

To book international coach ticket, you need to get in the site, choose the section ‘International’, enter departure country and city, arrival city, departure date and click ‘search’.

After several seconds you will get all possible choices. Choose the most suitable for you and select button ‘free ticket booking’.

If you would like to get information, concerning the ticket cost on international coaches, discounts, reference information about bus stations and departure cities, transit and arrival cities, call customer service.

International coaches, departing from the central bus terminal, have a lot of regular routes, especially to Moscow, Warsaw, Krakow, Prague, Gomel, Vilnius, Volgograd, Chisinau, Minsk, Berlin, Rome, Vienna, Tallinn, Riga, Budapest, Amsterdam, Naples, Ostrava, Opole and others.

There are sometimes new seasonal international routes, such as Kiev – Moscow (daily), Kiev – Warsaw (daily). You can get from large cities with one change to Vilnius, Tallinn, Chisinau and others.

Open new routes or seasonal international buses departed. Now, there are bus trips: Kiev-Moscow (daily), Kiev-Warsaw (daily) Kiev-Krakow (daily), Kiev-Prague (daily), Lviv-Berlin, Poltava-Poznan. You can go from major cities with one change to Vilnius, Tallinn, Chisinau, Minsk, Budapest, Kosice, Bratislava and others.



Intercity buses around Ukraine

Reference information about buses around Ukraine

You can purchase only single bus tickets from Kiev to Ukrainian cities at the bus station offices and bus terminals.

You can buy return tickets online or book and pay, using payment machines, branch bank and others. Actually, it’s impossible to purchase return tickets at the bus station offices, but you can find them at the central bus terminal in Kiev. There are Autolux, Gunsel and UkrBus offices, where you can buy return tickets on the intercity routes, which departure from many regions of Ukraine and return to Kiev and other cities.

Advance booking is available for routes, which departure in 48 hours, and you must perform due payment. In this fact, if you reserve bus ticket online, it’s impossible to pay for it to the bus driver. There is no such service.
If you buy tickets online, the data are passed to the information system of the bus station and e-ticket is registered after the payment.

E-ticket should be changed into paper one at the bus station office and then the boarding can be performed.

There is presale of bus tickets at the central bus terminal, which starts two months and finishes twenty minutes before departure.

Many routes go to Odessa, Lviv and Dnepropetrovsk.


The cost-efficient bus tickets give a possibility to travel to the majority of the European countries. Tourists can travel on their own (backpacking or coach surfing) and also in groups. The bus station infrastructure provides tourists’ transportation to the European countries by coaches.

For example, the trip to Greece or Spain lasts more, than 30 or 40 hours. The coach goes across several countries, stops and goes pass a lot of sights and picturesque landscapes. Actually the passengers, who travel to a long destination, visit a lot of countries free. Generally, some travelers don’t have enough time for such long trips, but this way of travelling is the cheapest one.

Bus tickets cost

Kiev-Moscow - 1255 UAH

Kiev-Odessa 680UAH

Kiev-Lviv - 693 UAH.

Kiev-Warsaw - 1390UAH

Kiev-Krakow 1270UAH

Kiev-Kishinev - 1693 UAH.

Kiev-Prague 1845UAH

Kiev-Brno - 2200 UAH.

Kiev-Berlin - 3840UAH

Kiev-Cologne 3883UAH

Kiev-Dresden 3590UAH

Kiev-Rome - 4920 UAH

Warsaw-Berlin - 1619 UAH

Kiev-Budapest - 2920 UAH

Kiev-Tallinn - 2730 UAH

Kiev-Vilnius - 2740 UAH.